Life in the Womb

On this page we provide links to discussions, documentaries, images and projects informing us on when the miracle of life begins and how life develops in the womb.

Images of Fetal Development

The following images were presented to Fr. Frank Pavone, at the time he was working at the Vatican, by a team of experts from Poland. The experts presented them also to Pope John Paul II.

Priests for Life is grateful to Professor Andrzej Skawina (Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University, Krakow) and Dr. Antoni Marsinek, MD (Czerwiakowski Gynecological and Obstetrics Hospital, Krakow) for making these images available, and to the Zrodlo Foundation, Wychowawca Department, for the permission to use them.

Source: Priests for life – fetal development

7 weeks

8 weeks

11 weeks

12 weeks

3 1/2 months

5 months

6 months

4 months

“Is a Baby Human from the Beginning?."

– Pro-Life Talking Points

The Biology of Prenatal Development.

The Endowment for Human Development’s award-winning science documentary, The Biology of Prenatal Development, explains the science and communicates the wonder of human development from fertilization through birth. Using six medical imaging technologies, the program features extraordinarily rare direct videography of the living human embryo and early fetus inside the womb from 4½ to 12 weeks following fertilization.

Intended for general audiences, The Biology of Prenatal Development is recommended for use in middle and high school health and biology courses, introductory college- and graduate-level human embryology courses, and prenatal care classes. It is a key ingredient in EHD’s curriculum intended to enhance the effectiveness of prenatal care, health science education, and efforts to prevent the use of harmful substances during pregnancy.

Window in the womb - YouTube

When Health Begins: What You Need to Know

Prevention begins with education. It is vital that each young person appreciate how a woman’s health and nutrition starting long before pregnancy can shape the lifelong health of her baby.

EHD Urges Use of Rare Pregnancy Videos of Growth Before Birth

Free embeddable pregnancy videos featuring the living human embryo and fetus are now available to organizations worldwide with subtitle options in 88 languages.

Pregnancy Calendar

Track your pregnancy week by week, with rare videos to help you better appreciate your developing ‘little one.’

Baby Center – fetal-development-week-by-week