Other Pro-Life Organizations

People from every race, creed, and country want protection for the helpless in our society even though they might not belong to a group, they are PRO-Life.

Being Pro-Life means we support solutions to social problems that do not involve the killing of human beings.

Some of these people join together in groups by their occupation, faith, profession, race, or location. Here is a list of pro-life groups around the world:

Pro-Life Organizations by Point of View


Liberaterians for Life

Politics (these sites also contain valuable information on life issues: abortion, euthanasia, fetal research, personhood)

It Starts Right Now

Campaign Life Coalition, Canada

Action Life, Ottawa

REAL Women of Canada


Life Canada

We Need A Law


www.focusonthefamily.ca – Focus on the Family

Pro-Life Organizations by Age


Pro-Life Organizations by Religion

Christian: Where do the Christian Churches stand?


Islam and Abortion

Islam and Euthanasia

Jewish: Jewish Pro-Life Foundation


Bahai for life (graphic picture alert)